TalogyTech Tools

Talogy assessments

As a TalogyTech Administrator, we have access to hundreds of automated tests and a technology platform that allows us to create customized assessments, reports, and 360 feedback tools.


Advantages of Access to TalogyTech ‘s Platform

As authorized users of the TalogyTech platform, we have access to hundreds of online tools from the most reputable test publishers, like Select International, Cubiks, Sigma Assessments, SHL, Hogan, and more.  Our Psychologists can create custom assessments by combining tests into a battery that measures job-specific skills and traits.  Additionally, we can design automated reports that are branded with your logo and tailored to your needs.  

Job-specific Skills Tests

Some roles require specific skills that can be measured online quickly and affordably.  Examples include typing, data entry, MS Office, Call Center, and Accounting skills.   

Custom 360 Feedback

We can program a 360-degree feedback survey to measure your competencies and values, design a custom report, and handle the administration. Read More

Personality & Leadesrhip

For high-volume roles or when budgets are constrained, an off-the-shelf personality or leadership survey may be a good option.  We can advise you on which one to use based on your specific needs.

Whether you need an off-the-shelf test or a custom solution, we can leverage the TalogyTech platform to meet your needs.