Talent Assessment Solutions

Assessment Solutions grounded in science and proven to give you the data you need to predict performance better, develop people faster, and maximize retention of top talent. 

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Assessment Solutions to Develop Talent

Develop talent faster and keep people engaged with data-driven insights from our experts. 

Our psychologists each have decades of experience translating objective data into accurate insights, actionable steps that spark growth, and sound advice to help you spend your learning and development budget wisely.  

Talent Assessment Solutions for Hiring

Select the right people and accelerate onboarding with predictive assessments.

We’ve assessed over 10,000 people in over 100 countries, providing hard data, keen insights, and practical advice to help hiring mangers make good placement decisions, accelerate onboarding, and support new hire development.  
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Succession Planning Solutions

Gain competitive advantage with a robust succession planning process that includes a highly predictive assessment of potential.

We’ve helped small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies create an efficient, data-driven succession planning process that minimizes ambiguity and risk, sets them up for future success, and keeps top talent engaged.

Our Talent Assessment Approach

When you decide to partner with us for your talent assessment solutions, there are generally 5 steps involved.  Those are briefly described below.


Why Partner with Us?

Let’s face it – it’s a crowded playing field out there, and you have options.  

We work hard to differentiate ourselves from other talent assessment solution providers by focusing on two things: The Science and Our Customers.

The Science

  • We have access to a wide range of test publishers and rigorously review the reliability, validity, and utility of different tools.  This allows us to assemble online test batteries based on psychometrics and utility.

  • We do not use “type indicators” because they are not reliable, valid, or useful for selection, development, or succession planning.

  • We conduct validation studies to show the relationship between our assessment results and performance ratings, turnover, and other important work outcomes.

  • We’ve established our own norms. This allows for comparison to relevant reference groups of thousands of others who have taken the same assessments.

  • We stay up to date on the latest scientific research in organizational psychology journals. This continually gives us fresh, data-driven insights into what drives behavior at work, how to predict it, and how to change it.

The Science of Personality

There is a great deal of scientific research showing that there are 5 personality domains, each with 2 aspects, as shown in the image below.  Each aspect is broken down further into multiple facets.  And, each facet predicts different types of on-the-job behaviors and work-related outcomes. 

Every talent assessment we conduct is grounded in this conceptual framework.  That’s because it is – by far – the one that has the most scientific research to back it up.  And, that’s why our assessments are so accurate in describing people and predicting their behavior and performance.

Our Customers

  • We recognize that every customer has unique needs and challenges.  That’s why a one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work.  Every customer ends up with a unique set of solutions based on their current needs.  And when things change, we adapt.

  • We don’t believe in the bait-and-switch.  You will meet your lead psychologist during the consult phase.  They  will be your go-to person, designing your talent assessment solutions, conducting assessments, and providing ongoing support.”

  • We do believe in providing unsurpassed customer service.  We guarantee that you will not find a team that is more accessible or responsive than ours.  Every customer, no matter how big or small the engagement, receives the same level of service.

We are grateful for our customers.  Here’s what some have had to say about their experience.

Some of the outstanding organizations we’ve had the pleasure of serving:

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