Talent Assessment Solutions

Talent assessment solutions grounded in science and proven to help you predict performance better, develop people faster, and maximize retention of top talent. 

Talent Assessment Solutions

Whatever talent management challenges you are facing, we have solutions.  Established in 1957, we’re a boutique consultancy offering a full range of talent assessment solutions and consulting services, including customizations that reflect your brand and support your culture.  Everything we do is backed by rigorous scientific research so we can provide predictive data that helps you to identify, grow, and keep top talent.  

Talent Assessment Solutions and Consulting Services

All talent assessments and talent management services are provided by industrial/organizational and business psychologists, each with decades of experience and deep expertise.  

Assessments for Hiring & Onboarding

When it comes to talent assessments for hiring, one size doesn’t fit all.   So, we offer a range of flexible options to meet your unique needs.  

Talent Development Assessments & Services

Whether you’re looking to assess potential, groom hi-pos, craft individual career paths, or plan for succession, we’ve got you covered.  

Strategic Talent Management Consulting

Our expertise goes well beyond individual assessment.  Check out some of the work we’re doing to support broader talent management initiatives.

Here are some of the outstanding organizations that have trusted us as their talent assessment solutions partner:

Looking for a Customized Assessment?

One way we differ from other talent assessment companies is our flexibility in creating custom talent management assessments.  We measure what’s most important to you, by aligning our process and reporting to your core values, leadership competencies, and branding.  This lets you seamlessly integrate your talent management processes, including hiring tools, learning and development, succession plans, and performance management system. 

Why PCI for Talent Assessments?

It’s a crowded playing field out there, and you have options.  One way we differentiate ourselves from other talent assessment companies is our customer commitment.

How We Serve Our Customers

  • You have unique challenges and needs.  A one-size-fits-all approach to talent management assessments doesn’t work.  So, we ask questions, listen attentively, and provide expert advice on how to solve your toughest problems.  With our broad range of off-the-shelf tools, customized assessment solutions, and consulting services, we have everything you need to elevate your talent management strategy.

  • You’ll have a dedicated team.  Even before you decide to engage with us, you’ll meet the lead PCI psychologist who will remain your key point of contact.  They will be your go-to person, designing your talent assessment solutions, conducting talent assessments, and providing consultative services.  You’ll also have a small team of assessors who you’ll get to know personally and who will get to know your culture so they can serve you better.

  • You’ll receive unsurpassed customer service.  You won’t find a talent assessment company that is more accessible or responsive than ours.  Every customer, no matter how big or small the engagement, receives the same level of service.  And, you’ll have direct access to your lead psychologist via e-mail and mobile.  

Take your talent management strategy to the next level.

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