Talent Assessment is Complex

We simplify it so you can efficiently hire, develop, and retain top talent

PCI's Talent Assessments are:

  • Grounded in scientific research on valid predictors of job performance
  • Customized by experts to meet your business needs and fit with your culture
  • Delivered by deeply experienced organizational psychologists who put you first

Let PCI Help You Improve Job Performance Across the Organization

Contact us today to learn how to apply proven scientific principles that will allow you to improve hiring decisions, speed up onboarding, and maximize developmental efforts so that you can gain a competitive edge as an employer of choice.

The PCI Advantage

  • Expert Advisement

    Our process is designed and delivered by Master's or Doctoral level psychologists who have conducted thousands of assessments and become experts at balancing the art and science of what we do.

  • Legal Defensibility

    Our assessment measures characteristics that have been proven to predict performance and do so the same regardless of the individual or position.

  • Customer Focus

    We pride ourselves on being accessible. Assessors give you their cell phone numbers, and emails are checked outside of normal business hours. You can speak with the assessor at any time for as long as that individual works for you - all at no extra charge. Evening and weekend interviews are also offered to participants to work around their busy schedules.

  • Customization

    We tailor the process and reporting to meet your needs. We can create competencies for you, map our process to your existing competencies, and rate your organizational values.

  • Quick, Accurate Results

    Our process is robust and allows us to assess the whole person in a reliable and valid way. We have become experts at understanding interactions between traits, integrating highly complex data sets, and describing those results in a way that clear and concrete. Next day turnaround of reports in most cases, with same day possible for some levels.

  • Cost Effective

    The information provided by one of our assessments can be used to select, onboard, develop, and promote a participant. With the increased productivity and decreased turnover you will get from selecting, developing, and retaining top talent, it pays for itself many times over.

Getting Started is Fast & Easy

Take the first step today and receive deliverables as early as tomorrow

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    GO LIVE in 1 hour. Choose from our standard menu of assessment options.  All options include online testing (personality and cognitive) and most have an optional phone interview.


    Customize.  Tell us about your core values and/or critical competencies, and we will design a customized solution and reporting.  This can often be ready in a week.


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    We understand how important it is to act fast and free you up from logistical duties.

    You submit a request in minutes and within the hour, we send the participant an email invitation with instructions.

    We follow up via text, phone, and email to keep things moving along and give you updates along the way. Average time from request to completion is 2 days (online only) and 4 days (with interview).

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    HIRING MANAGER REPORT is prepared by PCI's psychologists with turnaround time from same day to 2 days.  Report includes ratings based on a comparison to our proprietary norms, custom written interpretations of the data (amount varies by option), and management suggestions and interview probes.

    DEVELOPMENTAL REPORT can be added on for new hires and can be a second (or sole) deliverable for internal assessments.

    OPTIONAL DEBRIEF at NO CHARGE with the PCI Psychologist so the hiring manager can ask questions, share insights, and collaborate on fit for role and how to address opportunities.

See what our clients are saying

Join our clients who have leveraged PCI's talent assessment experts to hire, develop, and retain top talent

Leslie Braksick
Leslie Braksick Co-Founder and Senior Partner at My Next Season

The assessments performed by PCI are top shelf. Their analysis is insightful, accessible, refreshingly candid and reasonably priced. They are accustomed to working with tight time demands and high expectations for excellence. PCI delivers every time.

Paul Uhler Vice President, Global HR and Communications at Mine Safety Appliances Co. (MSA)

We consider every hiring decision to be a multi-million dollar decision, and at MSA Safety people truly are our most important resource. So to the greatest extent possible, we strive to assure success when adding new team members. PCI is a terrific partner in this key process, used in over 30 countries in which we operate.

Marcy Campbell
Marcy Campbell Vice President of Human Resources at Matthews International

In this competitive landscape of recruiting and retaining the best and brightest, it was important to Matthews International to partner with a leading assessment testing firm to provide us with one more data point in our holistic approach to sourcing and interviewing for current openings as well as developing our high potentials for successor roles. PCI provides us with that reassurance that we have captured the complete picture on the capabilities of our job candidates and existing talent.

Al Schnur, Jr., Ph.D. Al Schnur, Ph.D. President LinkedIn Profile