Competency Modeling

Our Competency Modeling expertise will allow you to define what success looks like in the future, identify the right talent to get you there, and upskill your people to achieve your strategic business goals.

Competency modeling requires a thoughtful, strategic approach. When you partner with us, we will ensure that yours meet the 4 gold standards below:

We start with conversations with your senior leaders to understand your Mission, Vision, and Values. Every competency will tie to your organization’s purpose, aspirational future state, and core principles that guide your culture.

When it comes to competency modeling, streamlined and simple is best.  Overdone competency frameworks and unwieldy definitions are too difficult to understand and implement. Everyone in your organization will be able to understand and appreciate the utility of the competency models we create.

We discuss how the competency modeling work ties to your strategic goals and define the metrics that will be used to measure its success. We stay connected and serve as a resource as you apply the competency models to your HR processes.

We draw upon our expertise in behavioral science and psychometrics to ensure that every competency is precisely defined, not redundant with other competencies, and can be reliably measured via multiple methods (e.g., interviews, performance reviews, personality and ability assessments, etc.).


Competency-based Hiring and Development Tools

We understand that HR teams have many competing priorities, limited time, and varying levels of expertise.  That’s why our clients partner with us to design tools that map to their competency model.  What could take your team a year to complete, we can do in a matter of weeks.  These include:

Structured Interview Guides

We have extensive experience writing past-behavior, situational judgment, and realistic job preview items, and developing behavior-based rating scales. We also provide options for training interviewers who will be using the guides.

360-degree Feedback Tools

We’ve designed online surveys and interview-based tools with items that measure your competency model and, if desired, your core values.  This lets you align the process with performance evaluations,  training, and organizational culture expectations. 

Objective Assessment Tools

We can customize assessments that measure your competencies using valid psychometric tests and interviews.  By mapping data-points to each competency, everyone’s results are compared to the same standard every time. 

Developmental Suggestions 

We have deep expertise in developing suggestions for how a person can improve in a specific competency area. This includes on-the-job activities, reflections, and media resources. These can be integrated into your LMS and aligned with other L&D initiatives.