Recruitment Process Design

Is your recruitment process too long, too costly, or not predicting performance well?  Consulting with an expert can make a big difference in identifying problems and accelerating process improvements. Our advisors are here to help.

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Recruitment Process Problem Checklist

An ineffective recruitment process can wreak havoc on your recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.  Have you experienced any of these problems lately?

  • We can’t find qualified candidates
  • Good candidates are withdrawing from the hiring process
  • Roles are staying vacant for too long
  • The best candidates are declining our offers
  • Too many new hires are leaving within the first 18 months
  • Some new hires aren’t performing as well as we thought they would

If you identify with any of these problems, we’ll help you identify what’s wrong with your recruitment process and how to fix it. 

Recruitment Process Evaluation

To keep up with the pace of change in candidate expectations, technology, and the labor market, all organizations benefit from evaluating their selection process every couple of years.  A business psychologist with expertise in hiring process design will guide you through a 3-step process.  With just a few hours of your time, you’ll receive actionable recommendations.  

Recruitment Process Design

How’s your funnel flowing? 

From sourcing through onboarding, every step impacts time, costs, and outcomes. 

Recruitment Process Steps

Current State Evaluation

You’ll get an objective, expert evaluation of how your recruitment process funnel is performing in  these crucial areas:

  • Alignment with Strategy
  • Sourcing Challenges
  • Predictive Validity
  • Legal Compliance
  • Internal Time Efficiency
  • Cost / ROI
  • Candidate Experience
  • Fit with Employer Brand & Culture
  • Core Values / Competencies Alignment
  • Utility for Onboarding
  • Alignment with L&D initiatives
  • Readiness to Meet Future Needs

Future State Recommendations

You’ll receive specific, actionable advice for recruitment process improvements, guidance on setting priorities, and suggestions for next steps.  Common solutions include:

  • Defining recruitment process metrics and establishing a baseline
  • Moving steps around or taking steps out of the process
  • Defining core values and competencies and ways to measure them
  • Adding or switching out assessment tools
  • Creating structured interview guides
  • Automating early steps
  • Broadening sourcing strategy 
  • Training recruiters and hiring managers

Ready to take your recruitment process to the next level?  Contact us today to set up a time to chat with one of our psychologists. 

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