360 Feedback for Leader Development

Which 360 feedback tool is right for you? Our experts are here to help you choose and implement one that aligns with your goals and is embraced by your leaders.

360 feedback

Many people dread the thought of “being put through” a 360 feedback process.  However, when done right, leaders can become more engaged and improve their performance.  Because a 360 process can stir up a lot of emotions, it’s critical to take a strategic approach to selecting a tool and designing a communication plan.  And, we know that one size doesn’t fit all.  So, we offer 3 different solutions and provide guidance on how to communicate and implement the process.

How to Implement a 360 Feedback Tool

Check out this article on The Association for Talent Development website for tips on how to design a process that leads to lasting behavioral change 360 Feedback: From Insight to Improvement. 

360 Feedback Tool Options

CheckPoint 360°™

This off-the-shelf tool is a great option that allows you to evaluate a broad range of skills and get started quickly.  

  • We handle the logistics and follow-up to ensure enough people respond for accurate and useful results.

  • Visually appealing, informative graphics and useful developmental suggestions.

  • We can also provide individual debriefs or group workshops to help people get started on a developmental action plan. 
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This is a great 360 feedback option for the C-Suite and succession planning.  Our  psychologists: 

  • Develop the questions to align with your culture and competencies and conduct the interviews.

  • Analyzes the notes from those interviews and identifies the most salient themes.

  • Writes a report for the executive.

  • When used for succession planning, we can create a summary and presentation for the Board of Directors.

Customized, online

With this option, you can get ratings on your leadership competencies and organizational core values.

  • We have a lot of flexibility in terms of the content of the survey.  This includes the items, rating scale, subgroup breakdowns, and comments.

  • We also have options for the format of the report and graphics.

  • We handle all the programming and administration logistics.

The Value-Add from 360 Feedback

When combined with potential and performance data, 360 feedback completes The Truth Triangle.  It’s called this because multiple sources of data lead to a more accurate picture of the person – how they are viewed, what they can do, and what they have done.


360 feedback tool - truth triangle

Potential is best measured with objective assessments.  It is the only piece that is forward-looking.

Performance can be measured with performance evaluations, talent review ratings, accomplishments, special assignments, etc.  

Perception is best measured using a 360 feedback tool.   

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