High Potential Assessment Tools

High Potential Assessment Tools that allow you to identify, develop, and retain a diverse pool of true top talent.  

high potential assessment tools and top talent solutions

Many organizations have trouble selecting the right people for their top talent programs because they use performance as a proxy for potential.  Forbes recently described this problem and advocated for the use of objective assessments to identify high potentials. Click to read it.  

Our High Potential Assessment Tools provide an objective, unbiased evaluation that’s been proven to predict advancement and accelerate growth.  


Top Talent Assessment Overview

High Potential Assessment Tools

Online psychometric tools are at the core of our top talent assessments. They are reliable, valid measures of the Five Factor Model of personality, career stallers and derailers, problem-solving/critical thinking, and leadership style preferences.  It takes about 2 hours to complete. These tools serve as the basis for identifying the person’s likely strengths and developmental areas.

Structured Phone Interview

We put the participant at ease by engaging them in a dialogue. The interview covers their career history and goals and questions that require self-reflection and analysis. The psychologist also gives the participant feedback on the online assessments and an opportunity to share their reactions.  This discussion helps the psychologist home in on the most relevant psychometric data and write a report that is accurate, insightful and resonates with the participant. 

Data Interpretation 

Two psychologists review the psychometric data and interview notes.  They independently assign competency ratings and an overall potential rating using a structured rubric.  This ensures objectivity and consistency. 


  1. Custom-written Developmental Report for the Participant

  2. High Potential Assessment Ratings

  3. Debrief with Top Talent program leaders
You also have the option of including our “Coaching Lite” services.  

When should high potential assessment tools be used – before or after entry into our development program?

Many of our clients have partnered with us for a high-potential assessment.  Usually, they ask us to conduct the assessment after people have been selected for their top talent program.  And, every time, we end up with a normal distribution on the assessment’s overall rating.   That is, most people they identified as “high potential” actually have average potential.  Only about 20% are in the high potential assessment category and about 20% are in the low potential category.  This means that budgets are being spent on people who are very unlikely to be your best future leaders.  So, while you’ll pay more upfront to assess more people, the long-term ROI for your development program will be improved.  You can also increase diversity in your program because our high potential assessment shows no differences based on race or gender. 

However, we understand that many factors influence a decision about when to use a high-potential assessment tool.  Everyone will benefit from their developmental report, regardless of their overall potential.  There also will be overachievers who will shine in your program and someday become high-performing leaders.  And, you can tailor developmental activities that are supplemental to your core program based on each participant’s assessment results.

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