Customized Talent Assessments

We design customized talent assessments so you can build your culture and make decisions that accelerate the attainment of your strategic goals.

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As a boutique consultancy with large firm capabilities and expertise, we have unmatched flexibility in designing customized talent assessment solutions.  We understand that your organization has its own unique culture, challenges, and opportunities.  So, we work with you to design a solution that is as unique as you are.  And, we do this quickly and cost-effectively.  

Customized Talent Assessments – Process Overview

When you partner with us to design and deliver customized talent assessments, you will be matched with a lead psychologist.  That will be your go-to person throughout the process shown below – no bait and switch!  The Consult and Design phases can be completed in a matter of days.  That means we can start assessing people and delivering reports as soon as you need us to.  And the support doesn’t stop there.  We are here to answer questions and provide additional insights, at no extra charge, after the report is delivered.

A graphic showing the three different types of assessments.

Options for Customization

We can customize every aspect of the deliverables.  Some of the most common ways we customize are shown below.  

Culture Alignment

Your organization's competencies and core values can be measured and rated. This helps you to hire and develop people who will support your culture.

Menu of Options

We can create a custom menu of assessment options that vary in length, reporting, and cost. This gives you flexibility to align solutions with budgets.


We tailor the content and format of the reports to your preferences in wording, visuals, and rating scales. This reinforces messaging consistent with your brand.

Discover how our customized talent assessments can help you to hire, develop, and retain top talent. 

Message one of our leaders today.  We can chat about your needs and determine if a custom solution would work for you.