Hogan Leadership Assessments

We are an official Hogan Leadership Assessments provider, offering the full suite of tools with expert interpretation by our deeply experienced psychologists. 

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As part of Hogan’s exclusive Independent Consultants Network, we administer and provide expert interpretation of the Hogan leadership assessments.  Hogan’s Leadership Forecast Series includes the three automated tests described below.  Each survey provides unique data points that are predictive of different work-related outcomes.  All 3 surveys can be completed in 1 hour and results are generated immediately.  So, the Hogan assessments are an affordable option for pre-screening candidates and for larger-scale leadership development programs.  

Hogan Leadership Assessments: The Leadership Forecast Series

Hogan Assessments MVPI

The Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory provides data on what drives and fulfills the individual (and what doesn’t).

Hogan Assessments HDS

The Hogan Development Survey provides data on personality propensities that could derail (or stall) an individual’s career.

Hogan Assessments HPI

The Hogan Personality Inventory provides data on traits that can help an individual succeed (or cause them to underperform).

Hogan Assessments for Hiring

When we administer the Hogan assessments, you have options in terms of which tests you want us to give and which reports you want to receive.  The complete bundle includes the FLASH Report, Individual reports for the MVPI, HPI, and HDS, and the Summary Report.  When you order the bundle, you’ll get a snapshot of the candidate’s values, challenges, and strengths from a personality perspective.  And, because they are automated reports, you receive them instantly.


Hogan Leadership Assessments

Hogan Assessments Expert Interpretation 

The Hogan Assessments trilogy (HDS, MVPI, and HPI) provides 28 scale scores and 124 sub-scores, this test battery provides 152 data points.  And, there are countless combinations of those data points, which is why expert interpretation is needed.  The good news is that you don’t need to know how to interpret the results because our psychologists do that for you.  We write a bulleted summary of the data, taking into account the role requirements and your organization’s culture.  Additionally, we turn around that summary the same or the next day.   So, you can act fast and progress the right people to the next phase in your hiring process.  You can also add an optional debrief for an in-depth discussion of the results.

Hogan Leadership Assessments for Development

When used as a part of a leadership development program, participants receive automated reports.  These include suggestions for how to leverage strengths, fill gaps, and monitor risks.  A PCI psychologist can conduct training for the group to help them interpret their results and begin to create a development plan.  Additionally, we can provide one-on-one debriefs and coaching.  This helps participants gain a deeper understanding of how to use the results of the Hogan leadership assessments to improve their effectiveness.  Read More.  

Looking for a customized talent assessment instead of an off-the-shelf tool?  Learn how we can design a solution that aligns with your organizational culture, leadership competencies, and unique needs.

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