Pre-employment Assessments

Hire with confidence using pre-employment assessments that have been proven to predict performance, retention, and culture fit with scientific accuracy.

Pre-employment assessments of personality and cognitive ability are highly predictive of many important success indicators beyond overall job performance ratings.  Because of this, they are powerful, legally defensible tools that help you to make better hiring decisions.

Objective Assessments Out-Predict Pre-hire Experience and Education

A review of the meta-analytic research shows very small to small correlations between pre-hire experience and education and overall performance, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs) and Counterproductive Work Behaviors (CWBs).  In contrast, psychometrically sound cognitive ability and personality assessments have moderate to very large correlations with these variables and other work-related outcomes.  Read More

Predictive Validity of Pre-employment assessments

Effect sizes: VL=Very Large; L=Large, M=Moderate, S= Small, VS=Very Small.  

Validity Evidence of Our Pre-employment Assessments

We’ve conducted numerous validation studies to show the predictive power of our assessments in our clients’ organizations.  The assessment involves online psychometric tools, structured interviews with a psychologist, and peer-reviewed results interpretation and ratings. The studies involved statistical analyses investigating the relationship between our assessment ratings and on-the-job outcomes measured 1 to 5 years after being hired.  In every study, we found moderate to very strong correlations between our assessment ratings and a wide range of outcomes, including:

  • Supervisor Ratings of Overall Job Performance

  • Operating Score (i.e., numerical performance metrics)

  • Placement in 9-box from Talent Review meetings

  • Supervisor Ratings of Work Ethic, Decision-making,  Leadership Behaviors and Interpersonal Skills (among other competencies)

  • Turnover, with one study showing 0% for those assigned the highest PCI overall rating and 44% for those assigned the lowest PCI overall rating

  • Overall Performance Ratings of Senior Executives assigned by Board of Directors

In addition to helping you make high quality hires, this research bolsters the legal defensibility of our assessments.  Since our beginnings in 1957, we have had zero legal challenges brought against us.  

Leverage Our Assessment Results Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

The value of our assessments does not stop once the report is delivered.  See how we help at different stages of the employee lifecycle:


Reports provide an objective, whole person assessment that allows you to compare candidates to the job description, your competencies and core values, and each other.

Interview probes are provided by the psychologist so you can dig deeper into potential gaps and risks and make a well-informed decision around fit for role and organizational culture.

Debrief with the psychologist for additional insights at no charge.


Reports include a customized written assessment of:

  • Strengths to leverage to give the person quick successes

  • Motivators and preferences that help to tailor the experience and engage the new hire 

  • How to address developmental areas, mitigate risks, and compensate for limitations.


Tell us who you hired and we will create a Developmental Report for the individual describing the assessment results and providing suggestions for how to address their opportunities.  

Our survey research shows that 80% of people who received a PCI Developmental Report found it to be accurate, insightful, and useful in creating and implementing a developmental action plan. 

Improve HR Efficiency Metrics

We understand that Quality of Hire is just one decision criteria – albeit a very important one – that organizations use to select a pre-employment assessment partner.  You probably wouldn’t invest in an assessment that is highly predictive if it was cost prohibitive or took so long to conduct that you frequently lose top talent to the competition.  We’ve continually improved our process to meet the evolving demands of organizations and expectations of candidates. Click on the tabs below to learn more:

Start hiring with the confidence and peace of mind that you get when you partner with PCI.