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How we help.

PCI's robust developmental assessments provide data-driven insights into a person's most natural way of doing things coupled with expert advise for how to elevate performance based on psychological principles of behavior change.
  • Human touch.  The developmental report is custom written by the PCI Psychologist who interviewed the individual.  We thoughtfully balance strengths and opportunities, present results in a candid yet motivating manner, and provide specific ideas for how to fill gaps.
  • Buy-in.  Having a third-party source of feedback brings a level of objectivity to the process that enhances the individual's self-awaress, buy-in to growth opportunities, and commitment to establishing and implementing an action plan.
  • Common ground.  The individual, their manager, and HR all have the same report as a reference point and springboard for discussion.  Think of it as a collaboration tool that sparks productive dialogue and results in a written development plan.

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When to Use Developmental Assessments   

  • Onboarding - know how to tailor the process to accelerate acculturation and performance
  • Career pathing - know what motivates the person, what they are good at, and what they value doing
  • Preparing for a promotion - know where the gaps lie so they can be addressed BEFORE the promotion
  • Facilitating coaching - know the motivators and challenge areas to jump-start the engagement
  • Identifying high potentials - know where your development dollars are MOST LIKELY to pay off
  • Evaluating bench strength - know what you have and if you should build or buy the talent you need

Need convincing?

See the statistics below showing the benefits of talent development to your organization.

92 %

of job seekers say that a focus on development is important or very important

when evaluating potential employers

34 %

increase in retention rate of employees

who are given professional development opportunities

92 %

better chance of developing innovative products and services

if your organization has a strong learning culture

Benefits of a Robust Talent Development Process

Combat the Labor Shortage

With the great resignation and aftermath of the pandemic, companies are feeling the pain of the labor shortage, especially those who do not have strong learning and development processes to support promoting from within.   In fact, in a recent survey of CHROs, 47% identified "improving internal career advancement opportunities" as a top priority.

Target Upskilling Efforts

In a recent Gartner survey of HR leaders, Building Critical Skills and Competencies was the top priority for 59% of respondents.  In a recent SHRM study, 77% of respondents have plans to "improve the soft skills (empathy, compassion, communication)" of people leaders to better meet the expectations of the current workforce.  Not everyone needs to develop in these areas, so let PCI's talent assessments help you decide who to invest in with this type of training.

Build your Bench

In that same Gartner survey, 45% of respondents identified "current and future leadership bench" as a top priority this year.  Supplementing performance and perception data with PCI's talent assessments will increase your ability to accurately identify the advancement potential of your current team.  Using our objective assessment along with the other data points will also improve the perceived (and actual) fairness of the process.

Engage and Retain

People leave companies for many reasons, one of the most common of which is a lack of opportunities to develop new skills.  By using talent assessments in a positive, proactive way, you will create a culture that fosters a growth mindset and shows your people that you are invested in - and care about - them and their futures.

It Costs Money to Build Leaders… Spend it Wisely

Know What You Need to Know

HR Executives use analytical approaches to develop talent strategy, which typically includes a SWOT analysis.  Have you ever thought about applying this tool to your analysis of individuals?  While assessing what is internal to the person is the core of what PCI does, we also have expertise in external influences that impact job performance.

  • Strengths - what's internal to the person that they can leverage to help the organization meet its goals?
  • Weaknesses - what's internal to the person that may hold them back from helping the organization meet its goals?
  • Threats - what external influences (e.g., team dynamics, poor match with supervisor, job constraints) could hinder their success in this role, team, and organization?
  • Opportunities - what external influences can you control to set them up for success?
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FAQs: Leadership Development

  • How do I retain talented team members who want to grow with the company?
    Our expert assessors can identify a person’s strengths and gaps. These will help you and your team member determine their potential for advancement and the best career path within your company. By proactively investing in talent assessment and development, you’ll encourage loyalty in the people you want to keep, and show high-potential candidates that you value your people, making your company a more attractive place to work.
  • I have team members who are struggling, but I’m not sure why. We’ve tried coaching—what can we do to improve performance?
    The PCI assessment process is an excellent tool for helping you understand why a person is underperforming, because it reveals underlying capabilities and traits that are not easily observable. In our assessment report, we identify issues with a person’s abilities, skills, motivations and/or job fit—information that will save you months of trying to solve the problem yourself. Armed with these important insights, you’ll be better equipped to help individuals improve their performance.
  • Our company is not good at onboarding new hires. What can we do to get people up to speed more quickly?
    The PCI Assessment Report, which we deliver during the hiring process, provides critical information that can help you proactively onboard new hires. We also provide developmental tips, so you know right away what your company can do to leverage your new hire’s strengths and address their gaps (instead of waiting for a performance review). PCI can also provide a developmental report for each new hire to help each develop and prevent potential gaps from becoming actual performance issues. This makes onboarding go more smoothly for your new team members, and gets them performing at their full potential as soon as possible—meaning you’ll reap the benefits of increased productivity and morale.

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