Career Planning

We help you find a career path that aligns with your strengths, interests, and values.

Research shows that when you have a job that allows you to leverage your natural strengths, pursue what interests you, and perform tasks that you value, you are more effective at work and have higher overall well-being. Yet millions of people find themselves in a career that leaves them unfulfilled, emotionally drained, or trapped in a dead-end job. Don’t be one of them.

PCI’s Career Planning Process

Each stage in the process takes you one step closer to discovering a career path that is well matched to your personality, interests, and values. Your Advisor gives you personalized attention, hands-on activities to complete, and tools to track your progress. And, we are eager to hear how things are going and provide practical advice as you face new challenges and opportunities!

  1. Intake Call: Discuss background and goals

  2. Online Assessments: Online surveys, about 90 minutes total

  3. Advisory Call #1: Debrief online assessment results

  4. Homework: Complete activities assigned by Advisor

  5. Advisory Call #2: Review homework; next steps

  6. Follow-up: Progress updates and more guidance

We’re ready to help you uncover your strengths, clarify your interests and values, and point you in a direction that will put you on the path to success and happiness.  Get in touch today to get started.